The Chamaeleon Series

The first in the Kel the Chamaeleon series of fast-paced adventures.

Until his thirteenth birthday Kel lives with his mother in the Woodland where everyone has the ability to blend with the trees and become invisible. But Kel’s talents go far further and deeper than this.
When his country comes under threat from the evil Grey Lord of Keraylia, Kel is recruited as a spy by the mysterious Spymaster and sent on a dangerous and desperate mission to destroy a deadly weapon.
Attack by bandits, flooded rivers and friends who may be foes are some of the perils that Kel, along with his friend and mentor, Rostyn, face as they travel north into the mountains to infiltrate the home of their enemy. When Rostyn disappears inside the forbidding Grey Keep, Kel must draw on all his powers – and the help of a bossy Princess – to rescue his friend and complete his mission.
Packed with fast paced excitement, Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy is a story you won’t want to end.

Some reviews for Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy

From Koala  — 4 stars

I originally bought this book for my daughter, but it turned out to be a little old for her, so I'll keep it for later. It's a lovely tale, well-written, with believable, individual and likeable characters and plenty of adventure to keep the reader interested.

I highly recommend it to any young reader (or older reader) who loves fantasy adventure.

From Dianne Davies — 5 stars

I know it's a kids/pre-teens book but I (a grandmother) enjoyed it too! I read it in two sittings and wanted the story to go on. Looking forward to the next in the series!

 From Laurie Cameron — 5 stars

Like all Woodlanders, Kel can blend with the trees, grass, and bushes, rendering himself virtually invisible, but he also has the extra-special power to blend into any background be it stone or metal. Thus, when the kingdom of Keralyia in the north plans to attack Kel's native land with a special weapon, the Spymaster sends for him. His mission is to find the weapon and destroy it. After intensive training, he sets off for the North together with the King's messenger, where many adventures befall him as he strives to accomplish his mission.

The book is well-written and the story, well-paced. The characters, both foe and friend, are colorful and engaging. I recommend it for any middle grade reader.

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